Social Media Content: 5 Things You Should Know

Don’t get caught out by old social media content habits. It’s the start of 2017, the perfect time to be reflecting upon your online activity.

For those who are re-assessing how they approach their content and social media marketing, we think that the list below should give you some pretty positive direction.

Number 1: Content is fluid

Stop thinking of content as a video, a blog or another individual asset. Content really does come down to the story you are telling, and a story can be told in thousands of ways. It can be short, long and countless other descriptors. Look to build content pieces around a core content idea.

For example, you’ve just been awarded Real Estate Agent of the Year for your area (heck, the world!). This doesn’t just have to sit as a logo on your site. Think of “Real Estate Agent of the Year” as a content idea, which can take many forms. It could be the award logo on your site. It could also be a video interview, a blog about what people are getting with the agent of the year, amongst many other things. Content is fluid, so don’t get stuck on one style.

You’ll have a lot more to talk about with a lot less.

Number 2: Social Media Content can be re-purposed

Furthermore from point number 1, content doesn’t just take different forms but can also be a constant ongoing conversation.

Video doesn’t mean YouTube. Video can be shared on Facebook, in an email to your contacts or on your website. Going back to the Real Estate Agent of the Year concept, you could create a landing page on your website all about this including your specific video.

Think about how else you’re content can be used. You are after all investing a bit of resources to it and you want to make sure it runs the full marathon if you get my drift.

Number 3: Content can be timeless

Fads and phases are always going to be around, sure.

Relevance is only held until it’s not, absolutely.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to resort to shamelessly using things like “memes” to showcase all of your business communications. Think deep about your message and ensure that it is clear.

Really good content lasts a lot longer than you think.

Number 4: Social Media Content needs to be seen to be effective

If you are of the mindset that content will speak for itself and that no ad budget is required to get the word out, then think again.

You are investing often a bit of time or resources into your content. Whether it’s a video series, a podcast, your blog or other sources, it’s a waste of time to create this content if you are only reaching 10 or 20 people (in most cases).

When you are creating and developing content, always ensure that you have some money put aside to promote this content, and make sure you drive it’s promotion hard.

Make your content work for you.

Number 5: Content can get you customers

With the right thought and strategy, you will get customers as a result of your content efforts.

Have no doubt about that.

5 Social Media Content Creation Apps to Make Your Social Media Stand Out

As a real estate agent, you are always looking for ways to stand out amongst the crowd. Well, for social media, we’ve compiled a list of 5 social media content creation apps to help you do just that. Photo editing, video creation and more – this is the list you need!


Canva is a photo editing and graphic creation tool, making design simple for everyone.

Entirely online-based and featuring free designs, layouts and graphics, Canva makes it easy to whip up Facebook advertisements, social media posts, flyers and presentations. Available on desktop and mobile.

canva - social media content creation tool real estate agents

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is about creating ‘impactful social graphics, web stories and animated videos’. It is available on both web and mobile, allowing you to complete edits and create content that is slightly more complex than free services. The application requires download and offers a free trial before full commitment.

adobe spark - social media content creation real estate


With Wordswag, you can add cool text, words and quotes onto your photos, creating custom text layouts and fresh content within minutes. It can be accessed on iOS and Android mobile phones but does not have a desktop site. The app has an initial price, and requires in-app purchases to allow access to more than the basic features.

wordswag - social media content creation


PicMonkey is a web-based option for content creation, offering filters, fonts, overlays, frames and collage abilities to alter or enhance your own images. There is a free trial and a free version, both with limited options and advertisements.



piZap is another web-based photo editing option. It offers capabilities to edit, collage, design, create emojis and social media covers – content from complete scratch or building on images you upload. The application has a free trial period before suggesting an upgrade to the paid ‘Pro’ service.

pizap social media content creation

What are the advantages of integrating social media marketing over solely using traditional marketing?

The advantages for agents integrating social media marketing over solely using traditional marketing efforts are endless, however I’ve summed up below the main advantages below.

#1: Your Prospects Use Social Media

There are over 15,000,000 monthly active users on social media in Australia. As a result, when prospects are searching for their next/first property you are bound to see them on social media. This provides a unique opportunity to reach your audience on a platform that they are actively engaged in. However whilst there is 15,000,000 monthly active users on Facebook, this is not the be all and end all. Instagram has surpassed the 5 million monthly active users in Australia, and Linkedin has 3.4 million. Each of these channels has it’s own mechanism in peoples lives, which means you can segment where you promote certain messages to tailor to platform expectations.


#2: You Can Play an Active Role in the Research Phase

Incorporating a digital marketing strategy opens you up to communicating with an audience before, during and after there interactions with your brand elsewhere. If a prospective buyer drives past a house they are interested in and notice the for sale sign, or they see an ad in the paper, then allowing them to naturally flow their research habits to your digital assets (website, social media etc) increases attention on your offering.


#3: It’s targeted

Digital marketing allows for a much more targeted approach to communication. From Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, posting on Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, even your listings on, or other portals, there is a relative ease in segmenting where your listings and brand is being promoted. Facebook thus far, offers the most intuitive and powerful targeting platform, with abilities to target by location, age, interests, social network, job title and more.


#4: Tell the Full Story

With the richer media experience that is offered across platforms like Instagram and Facebook (e.g. ability to post 360 videos, 360 photos, Facebook Live and more), you are able to tell a more substantial story about a property, or your brand. By being able to tell a richer story, it makes it easier for people to feel comfortable coming to an open inspection, or making an enquiry.


How to make the most of social media marketing through automated scheduling.

In an age of apps, smart phones, instant connectivity and an immeasurable amount of information at your fingertips within seconds; it’s easy to get caught up in the vast world of social media and it’s influence on modern day life. When a whole sentiment to a story can be summarised into a meme or a gif on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram- it is obvious to see how social media and it’s users have adapted to different modes of effective communication.

Perhaps, this genesis and evolution is very similar to the use of social media on real-estate platforms. No longer do we see just the image to a frontage of a property for sale; we see much more: video’s, drone footage panoramas, illuminated night friendly picket sale signs… the list goes on!

With all these social pressures and ever-evolving trends, comes some social media responsibility! There are a multitude of applications to help make your life easier. Scheduling (and ultimately automated scheduling) your real estate listing on various platforms can be both monotonous and tedious; almost always having to do a similar job multiple times can sometimes compromise the effort/time you give in presenting the property you want for sale.

HouseQ makes your life easier with automated scheduling your property listing on various social media mediums. (Click here to see what HouseQ is all about). You can add your properties either manually or through your Listing Management Software (LMS) like My Desktop or PortPlus. You can set your automated content to post out on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram, and you can even publish and schedule posts separately.

Whilst your scheduling is taken care of, you can place time into client liaison and ultimately customer satisfaction (from the user to the business). In a busy market with different advertising trends, it’s absolutely imperative to be visible on all social media platforms. HouseQ can help you do just that.