Personal Branding with Digital Marketing

There is not a slight measure of doubt that face-to-face time is the most important time you get with a client; both prospective and current. Nothing speaks higher volumes of who you are as a person compared to how you interact and deliver for a client direct. This is why referrals are always the strongest leads.

However, in the age of digital consumption, you can no longer rely on the time you get to spend with people and the referrals that leads to new business. Creating and maintaining a personal brand foundation online is important not only for general visibility, but also for people to learn more about you over time. Humans have become much more quiet beings when it comes to research. Those phone calls or email enquiries are often as a result of extensive research behind the screen of their mobile device or computer.

Building a personal brand online is just as essential as building it offline.

There are many best practices when it comes to personal branding for an agent, and a simple Google search will put you onto some great resources. However, as a quick note I recommend:

  • Be consistent: post regularly, maintain consistent head shots, ensure contact details everywhere are up to date and keep your conversation points to a select few!
  • Be real: there is enough spam online, don’t be another. Allow your fun quirks and charms to shine online. People appreciate a personality.
  • Be responsive: look, the fact of the matter is that you won’t be receiving 100 enquiries a day as soon as you get on social. But when you do, always respond quickly – as it encourages others to ask questions.

How Should Real Estate Agents Measure Results of Social Media Marketing?

Agents want to see their marketing efforts working, and streamlined into their business processes. Simple processes and automation, ease of implementation and reporting with substance and visibility are crucial to allow an Agent to know what is working and what isn’t (plus the ability to make the necessary changes).

Digital marketing is incredibly transparent. An enquiry from your website about a listing has clearly come from your website. 10,000 views on Facebook means 10,000 views. There is much less guessing and estimation of results on digital, plus clear attribution for results.

For those who are looking to maintain a healthy sales funnel online, there are 4 key metrics that you should measure:

  1. Targeted Reach
  2. Clicks to a Listing
  3. Brand Awareness
  4. Enquiries

Amongst your various digital marketing campaigns, platforms and assets, online offers second to none capacity to not only reach goals for these metrics, but also the ability to measure the results.

Targeted Reach can be measured within analytics dashboards of each social media platform like Facebook.

Clicks to a listing are easily identified on your social media channels, but also verifiable on your listings on, or on your website (you can use Google Analytics, if you aren’t already).

Enquiries can be measured simply by the number of genuine leads you have seen come through to your inbox!

By tallying your reach, clicks and enquiries for each listing or month, you’ll be able to identify over time which of the various online activities are affecting each metric, and whether or not certain refinements to your strategy are leading to better results.

Finally, brand awareness is an important metric to assess how many people are seeing your brand on a regular basis, not just your listings. Seeing where this awareness is coming from will allow you to determine whether or not your brand is likely to be noticed and acknowledged.

What are the advantages of integrating social media marketing over solely using traditional marketing?

The advantages for agents integrating social media marketing over solely using traditional marketing efforts are endless, however I’ve summed up below the main advantages below.

#1: Your Prospects Use Social Media

There are over 15,000,000 monthly active users on social media in Australia. As a result, when prospects are searching for their next/first property you are bound to see them on social media. This provides a unique opportunity to reach your audience on a platform that they are actively engaged in. However whilst there is 15,000,000 monthly active users on Facebook, this is not the be all and end all. Instagram has surpassed the 5 million monthly active users in Australia, and Linkedin has 3.4 million. Each of these channels has it’s own mechanism in peoples lives, which means you can segment where you promote certain messages to tailor to platform expectations.


#2: You Can Play an Active Role in the Research Phase

Incorporating a digital marketing strategy opens you up to communicating with an audience before, during and after there interactions with your brand elsewhere. If a prospective buyer drives past a house they are interested in and notice the for sale sign, or they see an ad in the paper, then allowing them to naturally flow their research habits to your digital assets (website, social media etc) increases attention on your offering.


#3: It’s targeted

Digital marketing allows for a much more targeted approach to communication. From Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, posting on Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, even your listings on, or other portals, there is a relative ease in segmenting where your listings and brand is being promoted. Facebook thus far, offers the most intuitive and powerful targeting platform, with abilities to target by location, age, interests, social network, job title and more.


#4: Tell the Full Story

With the richer media experience that is offered across platforms like Instagram and Facebook (e.g. ability to post 360 videos, 360 photos, Facebook Live and more), you are able to tell a more substantial story about a property, or your brand. By being able to tell a richer story, it makes it easier for people to feel comfortable coming to an open inspection, or making an enquiry.


Top Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents know the power of making connections with people — it’s those connections that when nurtured, provide them with ongoing business and great client referrals. The rise in people’s use of social media platforms for things like sharing, discovering and connecting with others has made them an ideal place for real estate agents to work on growing their sphere of influence. Whilst obviously there is not much better than face to face time with buyers and sellers, social media can allow for an extension of this in the time you don’t have with these people, as well as allowing people to see you and your brand during their discovery and learning phase before picking up the phone.

However, being a success on social media involves more than just creating an account and posting your properties.

Find below are some social media tips for real estate agents…a couple of things that we think that you should be doing to improve your relevance with people on social media, thus catapulting you to success!

Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

1. Post about Your Neighbourhood

Show off the neighbourhood in which your listings are based. This not only educates your buyers on the neighbourhoods in which you sell in, but also shows the expertise you possess of where you are selling homes. For example, if you are selling in a community which has lots of little events like markets, fare’s, gigs or even just a lovely community of people who get behind holiday’s like Halloween…then talk about it! Talking about certain happenings, amenities or elements of the culture of a neighbourhood will naturally attract a certain sort of person to join your community – the sort of person who might be a future resident!

Show how wonderful your city culture is. Show all the beautiful features it has to offer. Post about local events in your town. If you’re going to a neighbourly event, tell your Fans, and invite them to join you. Ask questions, too, to spark engagement.

2. Show How You Treat Your Clients

You care for your clients. You already do this in person, so now it’s time to show you care about your clients on social media as well. It could be a picture of your latest homebuyers or happy sellers, it could be a picture of the gift you leave on the kitchen bench for the new owners, it could be a reflection on a lovely meeting you had with someone today. The new clients know who they are, and it shows prospective homebuyers that you genuinely care and follow up.

3. Post The Properties You Have Available.

Yes, use Facebook to post your listings, too.

A lot of other social media experts would suggest that this falls under promotion. But honestly, your community is likely following you for a few reasons:

  • they like you
  • they enjoy what you post
  • the are on the hunt for a house and want to see what you offer
  • they’ve bought from you before and want to support you

As a result, I believe that along with posts about the neighbourhood, how you interact as an agent and so on, that posts about the properties you have available at the moment is just as much about posting interesting content as anything. However, when you post your listings, ensure you keep the personality of you and your brand. This is not an ad in the weekly paper talking to people who don’t know you you are. You are talking to your community! Tell about the home, and what points will sell it. Tell how many bedrooms and bath. Tell the address. Tell the price.  But say it with your charm and style, and it will be engaging.

If you feel like you are getting to dry, try a to ask questions about your new place, like “what do you like about it?”, “what do you like about the neighbourhood?”.

4. Use Facebook Ads!

To round up these social media tips for real estate agents is for you to get onboard with Facebook Ads.

It’s one thing to talk to your current community of followers across your various social media platforms. But Facebook lets you up the ante so to speak, with the ability to reach 1000s more people outside your current audience, as well as target your ads to a suitable audience. We highly recommend posting properties on Facebook, and then running ads with the goal of increasing clicks to your property listing on your website.

You want to make sure that your information reaches home buyers and sellers when they are ready to make a sale or purchase, and Facebook Ads are the perfect way to do that. Facebook Ads allow you to target prospective clients according to demographics, topics of interest, and so much more to make sure that your ad is seen by the right person. Unlike when people are on or, on Facebook people aren’t just looking for houses, but they are still in a discovery mentality. They are looking for something to stimulate them.

There you have it – our top social media tips for real estate agents! Any that we’ve missed? Feel free to add them in the comments below.

Selling Property: There is someone who wants to buy one of your listed properties…they just can’t find it.

Selling property? We just wanted to let you know that there is someone who is interested in purchasing one of the properties that you currently have listed…they just can’t find it.

Did you know that almost all of your potential buyers and sellers are using social media? Some once a week, some once a month, some once an hour! It’s a reason why so many people who are selling property are harnessing the power of social media.

The problem is that even though you may be using social media for selling property (or may you aren’t yet!), unless you are posting at the right times to reach your audience, you are at risk of NO ONE seeing your posts. That means no one sees your brand kicking goals for your clients, and interested buyers aren’t seeing the properties you are selling. It’s a lose, lose.

Not only this, but if you are not posting very much, you are at risk of only reaching a few people – and this may not be enough to get the best results for your clients.

Finally, your future clients are probably looking at your social media to assess how innovative you are as an agency or to see how quickly you might sell their house. If you aren’t posting much and not showing off how much interest people truly have in your brand and the properties you list, you are at risk of becoming irrelevant! Now that’s something that nobody wants.

You’ve probably seen some information about our product HouseQ around the place. After a very successful launch we are seeing great results with our users. We think that this is because of some of our products key features, which are helping our users unlock the potential of social media for their business. These features include:

  • Ability to post onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin: all at the same time!
  • Ability to add your properties straight from your CRM.
  • Ability to automate your social media with our Queue; meaning that your social media will always be updating with your properties!

So if you want to join the many others who are making the most of the opportunity social media holds for real estate agents, then register now for free!