Three Golden Steps to Social Media Success for Real Estate Agents

If you are a real estate agent who works social media as part of your marketing efforts, you will know how long it takes to plan an ongoing marketing strategy.  Let alone, one that delivers you the social media success it’s been dreaming of?

Many agents make it look like a walk in the park, but what is beneath the surface of how ‘cool, calm and collected’ they are, we never truly see the work involved.

What we have below is pretty exciting. It is the three golden steps to social media success for real estate agents. Follow them, and I truly believe that your social media marketing will go from woe, to go!

Three Golden Steps to Social Media Success

Building and ideating a strategy.

Planning and ensuring timing is just perfect for their audience.

Publishing it – then praying that the results can speak for themselves.

What we don’t realise, is how these the pro social marketers stay on top of everything from Facebook and Instagram, to Twitter and LinkedIn.. How they can manage an entire month’s worth of content at a time without breaking a sweat.

It’s not easy – it never has been and let’s be honest, it only ever gets harder from here.

But don’t let that deter you.

Social Media Marketing getting harder is actually a good thing.

Eventually, your competitors are going to give up. They’re going to be swamped with ‘networking’ that they’ll quickly lose their footing online and get lost in the world of social media (as intended).

So how do you prevent that from happening to you?

How do you stay on top of things whilst having the time to run the rest of your business?

And most importantly, how do you and your team stay motivated?

The trick is you build a solution that works for you as closely to automated as possible. Break it down to the simplest steps possible without digging too deep.

That’s how the pro’s do it.

They understand good content buys them traffic, and they progressively get better at applying what they understand and most importantly – how they understand the raw data they see.

Remember these three steps: Ideate, Plan and Publish.

For the most part, there is a strong connection between what you’re sharing and what you’re selling.

As a Real Estate Agent, it’s a matter of being able to separate the two and treat your audience for who they are and how to engage them.

So what do we know about your audience?

Well, for starters – we know they have needs. Real people don’t just look at the face-value of what they’re told.

Your audience (potential and current buyers and sellers), it’s not just about seeing more real estate agents saying how good they are. Your audience will dig, hunt, Google and research the heck out of you. On top of that, they’re quite powerful in vocalising their thoughts too.

That’s why it’s just as important to monitor the effect of what you’re sharing. You need to identify if the content you’re sharing is useful, insightful, purposeful and beneficial to your audience.

Stand taller online and share more than just the cheap likes and basic memes – social media success lies in the effort you put in, not the 5 second meme search a week. As a real estate agents, showing off your knowledge of the location you sell in and the properties, showing how you interact with your clients and more insight into what you do is what get’s your clients interested. Furthermore, your community wants to see the properties that you sell!

Most importantly, never stop posting.

If you and/or your team had only 15 minutes a day to make the most out of your social media campaign, how would you spend it for your social media success?

Of course, this is a great time to mention that with HouseQ, you can automate posting on social media, as well as publish and schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram! The perfect tool for Real Estate Agents who are wanting to absolutely smash their online marketing, but aren’t able to spend heaps of time working on it!

After all, as a real estate agent, your time is best spent where the most immediate deals lie.

Now is the time!

Now is the time to push your marketing efforts through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.. you name it!).

Have you ever heard about the Science of Social Timing?

HubSpot’s very own Social Media Scientist, Dan Zarrella spent the better of 2 years analysing into the best times to send emails, update blogs, post on Facebook and Tweet. And here’s a quick break down of what his research says:

– Saturday is the best day to share on Facebook
Noon is the best time to share on Facebook
– Midweek and Weekends are the best days to tweet
5PM is the best time to tweet

So we know that right now is the best time to post, and in case you miss that time slot prepare it for next week.

Marcus Wong from Warrior Forum always recommends preparing your shares 3-4 days in advance on a content calendar. That way you can always pull a last minute switch without worrying too much about breaking your posting streak.

HouseQ now has Social Media Reporting!

You’ve read above and got the point that reporting and best times of day are super important, right?

So let’s start talking about how you can work out what the best times are to post for your brand! I mean after all, every community is a bit different.

We’ve launched a social media reporting tool for Facebook, which allows you to check out the brand activity, audience demographics, post results and also some optimisation tips, including when your brand is posting vs. when people are online (COMING SOON: When are people engaging with your brand). Check back soon as this will be available on HouseQ!

Personal Branding with Digital Marketing

There is not a slight measure of doubt that face-to-face time is the most important time you get with a client; both prospective and current. Nothing speaks higher volumes of who you are as a person compared to how you interact and deliver for a client direct. This is why referrals are always the strongest leads.

However, in the age of digital consumption, you can no longer rely on the time you get to spend with people and the referrals that leads to new business. Creating and maintaining a personal brand foundation online is important not only for general visibility, but also for people to learn more about you over time. Humans have become much more quiet beings when it comes to research. Those phone calls or email enquiries are often as a result of extensive research behind the screen of their mobile device or computer.

Building a personal brand online is just as essential as building it offline.

There are many best practices when it comes to personal branding for an agent, and a simple Google search will put you onto some great resources. However, as a quick note I recommend:

  • Be consistent: post regularly, maintain consistent head shots, ensure contact details everywhere are up to date and keep your conversation points to a select few!
  • Be real: there is enough spam online, don’t be another. Allow your fun quirks and charms to shine online. People appreciate a personality.
  • Be responsive: look, the fact of the matter is that you won’t be receiving 100 enquiries a day as soon as you get on social. But when you do, always respond quickly – as it encourages others to ask questions.

What are the main things agents want from their marketing?

What is the main thing agents want from their marketing? Well it doesn’t take a blog to work that one out.


Agents want to see their marketing efforts working, and streamlined into their business processes. Simple processes and automation, ease of implementation and reporting with substance and visibility are crucial to allow an Agent to know what is working and what isn’t (plus the ability to make the necessary changes).

Digital marketing is incredibly transparent. An enquiry from your website about a listing has clearly come from your website. 10,000 views on Facebook means 10,000 views. There is much less guessing and estimation of results on digital, plus clear attribution for results.

So, what should agents be looking to measure online?

For those who are looking to maintain a healthy sales funnel online, there are 4 key metrics that you should measure:

  1. Targeted Reach
  2. Clicks to a Listing
  3. Brand Awareness
  4. Enquiries

Amongst your various digital marketing campaigns, platforms and assets, online offers second to none capacity to not only reach goals for these metrics, but also the ability to measure the results.

Targeted Reach can be measured within analytics dashboards of each social media platform like Facebook.

Clicks to a listing are easily identified on your social media channels, but also verifiable on your listings on, or on your website (you can use Google Analytics, if you aren’t already).

Enquiries can be measured simply by the number of genuine leads you have seen come through to your inbox!

By tallying your reach, clicks and enquiries for each listing or month, you’ll be able to identify over time which of the various online activities are affecting each metric, and whether or not certain refinements to your strategy are leading to better results.

Finally, brand awareness is an important metric to assess how many people are seeing your brand on a regular basis, not just your listings. Seeing where this awareness is coming from will allow you to determine whether or not your brand is likely to be noticed and acknowledged.

Selling Property: There is someone who wants to buy one of your listed properties…they just can’t find it.

Selling property? We just wanted to let you know that there is someone who is interested in purchasing one of the properties that you currently have listed…they just can’t find it.

Did you know that almost all of your potential buyers and sellers are using social media? Some once a week, some once a month, some once an hour! It’s a reason why so many people who are selling property are harnessing the power of social media.

The problem is that even though you may be using social media for selling property (or may you aren’t yet!), unless you are posting at the right times to reach your audience, you are at risk of NO ONE seeing your posts. That means no one sees your brand kicking goals for your clients, and interested buyers aren’t seeing the properties you are selling. It’s a lose, lose.

Not only this, but if you are not posting very much, you are at risk of only reaching a few people – and this may not be enough to get the best results for your clients.

Finally, your future clients are probably looking at your social media to assess how innovative you are as an agency or to see how quickly you might sell their house. If you aren’t posting much and not showing off how much interest people truly have in your brand and the properties you list, you are at risk of becoming irrelevant! Now that’s something that nobody wants.

You’ve probably seen some information about our product HouseQ around the place. After a very successful launch we are seeing great results with our users. We think that this is because of some of our products key features, which are helping our users unlock the potential of social media for their business. These features include:

  • Ability to post onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin: all at the same time!
  • Ability to add your properties straight from your CRM.
  • Ability to automate your social media with our Queue; meaning that your social media will always be updating with your properties!

So if you want to join the many others who are making the most of the opportunity social media holds for real estate agents, then register now for free!