Social Media Automation

Our social media automation tool is perfect for home improvement companies, builders, and real estate agents!


If you are a builder, or are a marketer for a building company, then look no further than HouseQ to manage your social media platforms and content. You can use HouseQ to ensure all of your projects and your brand are represented on your social media pages.

Real Estate Agents

With HouseQ, you can paint the perfect picture of your listings with HouseQ. Whether you are an individual real estate agent, or you work for an agency, you can use HouseQ to promote your listings and ensure the right buyer sees the property of their dreams! Add your listings (or get us to), and then HouseQ posts out your listings across your various social media channels, saving you A LOT of time.

Home Improvement

Landscaper? Handy Man? Carpenter? Pergola builder or Pool building and maintenance company? No matter how your business improves the homes of your clients, with HouseQ you can showcase your best works forever more with just the click of a button! Use our Queue to add your best projects ready to be promoted on social and then HouseQ posts these out across your various social media channels, saving you A LOT of time.

Showcase Your Listings and Projects on Social Media

HouseQ is the leading social media automation tool for real estate agents and builders.

Upload Properties/Projects

Upload your pictures, link and details about your properties that you currently have listed, or the projects that you are currently/have previously worked on.

Set Activity Levels

Then, set the days and amounts of times that you would like to post.

Let our system work!

The rest is up to us! Watch our system create a calendar of posts! All you need to do is add new properties when you get them and delete the ones that are sold!

Run Facebook ads with HouseQ

Not confident with Facebook Ads? Simply connect your Facebook Page for ads, tell us what properties/projects you want to promote to what audience, and HouseQ handles the rest!

Showcase your work. Showcase your listings. Drive traffic. Get leads.

What Can You Do With HouseQ?

Easy to use suite of tools, perfect for real estate agents to promote listings, and builder to promote projects!

Easily Add Properties/Projects

Our technology is cutting edge in both features and design. There is no way to get lost in our software; it’s easy to use and easy to understand!

– Easy-to-use software
– Less than 3 minutes to set up
– Post and Schedule to the Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Linkedin
– Fantastic Customer Support”

Social Media Automation

You don’t need to be a social media expert to make the most of the big platforms. Our software helps you in creating social media content, and will be like your personal assistant when it comes to regularly posting.

– Set the days and times you want to post
– Set the amount of times you want to post per week
– HouseQ will handle the ongoing posting
– Add and edit posts in your queue

Social Media Campaigns

Run targeted Social Media Marketing Campaigns with HouseQ!

– Tell us who you want to target and what property
– We’ll create a social media campaign to drive traffic to your listing
– See results on your dashboard!

Create stunning landing pages

Simple, branded and beautiful landing pages for your properties!

You can add properties easily through the landing page creation process, then with a few domain configurations you’re set up! You now have a beautiful landing page to capture lead data for your for sale or rental property. The landing page creation is also great for building projects as landing pages to drive enquires.

Also available as landing pages for Real Estate Agents!

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Drive Traffic. Capture Lead Data. Get Social.

Our Pricing

Interested in using HouseQ? Great! Simply choose your plan and let's get started.

Agent/Small Business
Post and Schedule to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
Unlimited Posting Per Week
Up to 8 Social Media Accounts
LiveChat and Email Support
Upload Unlimited Properties
Advertise to Facebook
Everything In Plus, Including:
User access for agents, as well as office access
Up to 25 social media accounts
Ask us about additional accounts!
Landing Page Creation for staff and projects/properties
Perfect for Corporate Franchises with multiple offices. Access to all features, plus:
Corporate account to manage offices and agents
Unlimited posts, agents and offices - pay per office!
Feed promos down from Corporate to Offices and Agents

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HouseQ was created by Knackmap Pty Ltd.

Knackmap is a social media innovation firm with a focus on software and expertise.

Founded in 2015, Knackmap has since grown from its initial beta social marketing product, to a multi-solution suite; which includes Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, led by our flagship products Knackmap and HouseQ, as well as managed social media service offerings for business via PlanGram.

We are famous for:

  • Providing clarity to social for our customers
  • Providing vital expertise to bring any businesses online presence to superstardom
  • Providing solutions that help businesses achieve business goals online.

It’s one thing to just tell your story, it’s another to have it noticed. We help businesses tell their story online, in a way which encourages people to interact with the brand, both transactionally and experientially.

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